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Graco Swings Help Soothe Your Baby

Every parent likes to have a little quiet time with baby, and Graco swings help you do just that. The consistent, soothing swaying of Graco's fantastic baby swings have a wonderfully calming effect on your child allowing everyone, baby included, a little well deserved peace and quiet. As is always the case with Graco products, these swings are stylish, durable, and loaded with great features like a 6-speed variable swing motor to tailor your child's swinging experience, a 40 minute timer with four settings for automatic shut-off, classical and lullaby tunes to help soothe and entertain baby, an open top design for easy access to your child, and it even folds quickly and easily for storage.

There are many models of Graco baby swings available and they can basically be divided into 3 categories: Compact Swings, Full Size Swings, and Travel Swings.

Compact Swing models (followed by the pattern they come in) include: Swyngomatic™ 1220SBA in Safari Babies, Swyngomatic™ 1220MIP in Mickey and Pals, Swyngomatic™ 1225SFT in Safari Trails, Swyngomatic™ 1225JKP in Jackpot, Swyngomatic™ 1225JUP in Jungle Paws, Hideaway™ 1230LAU in Laurin, Hideaway™ 1230PKR in Parker, Hideaway™ 1230GEI in Georgie, and Hideaway™ 1230NPB in Newport Bears.

Full Size Swing models (followed by the pattern they come in) include: Swyngomatic™ 1330UNN in Union, Swyngomatic™ 1330DOH in Days of Hunny, Swyngomatic™ 1335NGS in Navy Gingham Squares, Swyngomatic® 1337BGN in Bergen, Baby Classics™ Swyngomatic™ 1340CNP in Central Park, 6-Speed OpenTop™ 1488CLE in Clarion, 6-Speed OpenTop™ 1488IVY in Ivy League, 6-Speed OpenTop™ 1488BAN in Bancroft, Swyngomatic™ 1991CAP in Cape, Open Top™ 1992MCH in Mocha, Open Top™ 1992CJG in Colby, Open Top™ 1993SAV in Silvana, Swyngomatic™ 1994WSR in Windsor, Open Top™ 1995BIA in Bianca, and Swyngomatic™ 1997GGG in G Collection.

Travel Swing models (followed by the pattern they come in) include: Travel Lite™ 1852JJP in Jungle Pals, and Travel Lite™ 1852CLP in Classic Pooh.

Graco baby swings are definitely a quality choice when looking for the perfect baby swing for your infant. Be sure to compare models and even different brands like Fisher-Price, Cosco, or Kolcraft. Look online for specials, discounts, and reviews on Graco swings and be prepared to enjoy your newfound quiet time.

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